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Week 6

Based on Tutorials

Task 1

  1. Obtain numerical data from any API - most of the APIs will require to sign up. Example APIs:

    • Oanda - Forex market prices API
    • Open Notify - open source project to provide a simple programming interface for some of NASA’s awesome data
  2. Record short history from the API via for loop with defined sampling (sleep function will be enough, no need to use cron).

  3. Plot the data.
  4. Do something with data (calculate autocorrelation function, remove trend, estimate mean value and standard deviation, try to predict data with any simple model).

Task 2

For this task use parser of your choice. Data can be obtained with Requests library.

  1. Download data from any wiki page (it should be there enough conent, for example:
  2. Print out the most import paragraphs of wiki page content.
  3. Print out all references - pairs of href content (link) and <a></a> content (displayed text)
  4. Make some operations with the page content (most important paragraphs) - histogram of used words, count of individual letters, etc.

The resulting script should work universaly for any Wikipedia page.

Week 7

Based on Tutorials

Task 1

Create simple server, the server should be able to:

  1. Respond with full documentation (in HTML) when /help url is accessed.
  2. Check if the user is autorized.
  3. Provide some basic functions of your choice (store data, return data, do some computations with user provided data, etc.)

Week 8

Based on Tutorials